Completed PhD student: Stephen McQuistin

Congratulations to Stephen McQuistin, who recently defended his PhD thesis. The final version of Stephen's dissertation, on Deployable Transport Services for Low Latency Multimedia Applications, is now available.

Stephen's dissertation focusses on the services and abstractions that the transport layer offers, and discusses how they effect the quality of experience that can be provided by applications using the transport. He proposes TCP Hollywood, a transport protocol that maintains wire compatibility with TCP while exposing the trade-off between reliability and delay such that applications can improve the user experience. His dissertation shows that TCP Hollywood is deployable on the public Internet, and that it achieves its goal of improving support for low-latency multimedia applications. Finally, Stephen reviews the API changes required to support TCP Hollywood, distilling them down into the minimal set of transport services that are required. TCP Hollywood is implemented in the Linux kernel, and its performance and ease of deployment has been evaluated in a range of studies in both controlled test beds and on the public Internet.